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Got Milk? Got Acne!

Well, let me explain it this way.

The cows that give milk are pregnant and milking most of their lives.
These pregnant cows have hormones that come out in their milk, the same way a nursing mother gives hormones to her baby when breastfeeding.

When I am consulting with clients sometimes they say “well I don’t drink milk that has BST or rGBH in it, I drink organic milk”. I am not talking about hormones that man has injected into the cows. I am talking about the naturally occurring hormones that come from pregnant and nursing cows, therefore even organic milk might not be a good idea for those who have acne.
There is no such thing as hormone free dairy products. Dairy contains hormones that “turn on” the oil glands. The reaction is similar to premenstrual breakouts. Dairy does not effect everyone. Personally, I can have dairy products with no problems at all. I believe that dairy effects my husband (in more ways than one) and that his skin suffers as a result. I have seen many many client’s skin clear up by getting off all dairy products.

The way to find out if you are one who’s acne might be effected my dairy, the best way is to take it out or your diet for a month. If your skin gets better than keep on the diet, if your skin had absolutely no reaction at all then resuming dairy should be fine.

There are two ways to handle dairy restriction. The first (and simplest) is to just stop consuming all milk, cream, cheese, ice cream, butter, sour cream, cheeseburgers, pizza – anything that contains or is made from milk. It is best to avoid “anything that comes from the south end of the cow”. The second way is to find dairy-like substitutes for whatever you are missing. Soy products are the most convenient and include substitutes for milk, creamer, chocolate milk, ice cream, cheeses of various types and even butter substitutes. A lot of my non-dairy consuming clients like Almond milk too.