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Can my cellphone cause acne?

Cell phones these days are like an extension of your arm, you can’t live without it. I have clients who cling tightly to their phone while they are trying to relax during a facial treatment (I kid you not). Cell phones are amazing, and so good for keeping in touch with our loved ones and office. Not so good for our face. Have you ever stopped to think about where your phone has been throughout the day? It picks up germs and bacteria from all over the place. Then you put that bacteria covered phone right against your cheek extending to your mouth. While the phone rests there on your face, the warmth and moisture are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and acne. The term is called Acne Mechanica. It is the same reason the violinist will notice acne on the area of the face where their violin rests. It is also the same with a football helmet, hockey helmet, and motorcycle helmet. It could even happen with a head band worn for a long period of time.


Back to the phone. So my advice to my clients is to keep those anti-bacterial wipes in their car or purse and wipe their phone daily. I also am a huge fan of the ear piece or blue tooth. In California it is illegal to drive and talk anyway, so most of us here have them handy all the time. It will help you be a safe driver and help your skin.